THE “OTHER “ Kiosk , We understand it better….

THE “OTHER “ Kiosk , We understand it better….
Guiding you toward the easy-own Kiosk equipment for your hospitality applications

Most of the Kiosk in the market is expensive which is beyond the users’ budget. Birch is glad to share you with our simple and easy afford Kiosk solutions

Thanks to our product compact-and sleek design, besides distributing our products for the general POS and restaurant market, we have actually been penetrating our products into the hospitality ( self-service, queuing system, Kiosk…..) and even the industry market. You are kindly invited to take our products into your considerations for your applications.

1.    Unique and elegant A8V2 printer stand

----Aluminum chassis
---Built-in SEKIO complete set module( printer head + Auto-Cutter)
---RS232 + USB interfaces

a. Floor-tall Kisok ( 17” Czar + A8V2 printer stand)
--17” PCT touch, J1900, or i3/i5 CPU
--80mm thermal printer w/AutoCutter( SEIKO module)

b. Desk-tall Kiosk( 9.7”/15” Talisma /15.6” Amplitud + A8V2 printer stand)
    --- J1900, Fan-less
    --80mm thermal printer w/Auto Cutter( SEIKO Module)

<9.7” Talisma >  

 <15 talsima="">

< 15.6” Amplitud >

1.    Desktop or wall mount state-of-the art EstiLO

---All Aluminum 
---9.7” , 1024 x 768, 4: 3 ratio, P-CAP touch
---Adjustable view angle
---Unique removable flip top housing.

For the further information, 
please contact us 

Birch marketing team , Sheree Lee
Skype: shereebirch

Birch industry system [IPC/barcode] at Gitex 2018 Dubai

< Birch booth>
We had a successful exhibition at the Gitex 2018 Dubai( Oct 14-18), Birch products are very attractive and of interest to most of the visitors.

< Birch New product Release at Gitex 2018>
 a. 9.7” EstiLO all-in-one touch system                 
Unique + Stylish + Luxury
 b. 15.6” Amplitud all-in-one touch system             
Wide screen + Affordable
 c. Birch restaurant catering software                    
Leasing + Powerful + Mobility

  • Windows-based
  • Desktop + mobile APP + Cloud management ( optional for kitchen KDS)

 d. 2-in-1 VFD display( DSP-V9) supports RS232 + USB
 e. Compact-and Metal box system K2

1. 9.7” EstiLO all-in-one touch system
( see product video:

    “ Not just fashion for fashion’s sake, but fashion to meet your expectation” 

  • 100% aluminum chasing 
  • @ 90 degree adjustable screen viewing 
  • Unique and fast flip-top covering opening for upgrades .
  • Smallest and compact “ Fan-less” system


  • space-concerned market( Hotels, office hospitality….)
  • Point-of-service market( laundry shops…)
  • Pollution-concerned ( bakery store…..)
  • Noise –concerned market ( music hall, library…….)

2. Birch systems for solutions     
a. Wide Screen + P-CAP touch + Light packaging 

15.6” Amplitud---------Wallet-friendly and Powerful
( see the product video:;

  • QuadCore J1900, i5 CPU is coming soon]      
  • [ P-CAP touch ]

b. Heavy Duty + Module mechanism + Powerful;

   15”/17” Czar system-------Elegance lies in the details
   ( see product video:;

  • J1900 CPU, i3 i5, i7 CPU]
  •  [ 5-wire resistive touch, or P-CAP touch] 

c. Aluminum + most sleek and Compact + Fan-less

   9.7”/15” Talisma series------Most slim and efficient

    < Potential markets>

  • Industry
  • Self-service 
  • Kiosk

3. New Product Release    
a. Bluetooth-and-pocket scanner( BP-110)

( The pocket scanner supports Alkaine rechargeable battery and AAA battery)

  • No MS worry on the aircargo or vessel transportation.
  • Support Bluetooth Class 2 to work with mobile device

b. Dual interface VFD display( DSP-V9)

  • Support RS232 + USB both interfaces
  • 100% Japan-made VFD tube( Fataba tube)
  • Compliant with OPOS/JPOS drivers. 

4. Birch restaurant catering Software     
With the expertise on the restaurant software solutions in Taiwan local market.,
Birch releases the international version catering software( called as W747) to support the international partners through the world.

a. Software structure:

  • 3-in-1 Professional Software: Desktop + Mobile APP( OS) + Cloud management report 
  • KDS ( kitchen display software) is optional

b. Product Strengths---  

  • Windows-based desktop cashier 
  • Mobile APP software( iOS)
  • Enterprise Cloud management  
  • Unlimited users, unlimited tables, unlimited products, unlimited OS versions

3 inch Direct thermal receipt printer--- CP-Q2

Durable. Compact. Reliable.
its compact size is ideal for smaller counter spaces.
· 3″ Direct Thermal POS Printer with Auto Cutter
· Compact Design for Small Counter Space
· Printing Speed up to 200mm/s
· High Resolution of up to 203 dpi
· USB+Serial Combo
· Drop-in Paper Loading
Built with exceptional price/performance ratio in mind, it ensures best-in class performance and durability.

Ordering information:

CP-Q2BU 3 inch thermal receipt printer,w/AutoCutter, 200mm/sec, USB-HID+ RS232
CP-Q2BN 3 inch thermal receipt printer, w/AutoCutter, 200mm/sec, Lan 

15.6 inch Wide Amplitud all-in-one touch system

1. A system which cuts a conspicuous figure.

15.6 inch Amplitud System come into vogue.
15.6 inch TFT with 16:9 ratio display all-in-one touch system comes popular standard in the commercial computing market, but they are far from satisfactory for professional applications on the "Automation" and "Vertical Market" such as retail, F&B, industry....or hospitality market.

In an increasingly competitive market, the 15.6 inch Amplitud system is an ideal system for those who appreciated professional features combined with states-of-the-art design and exceptional facilities. It is a well-friendly system to own.

A Look That Drives Envy.

Blessed with 15.6 inch wide-angle screen and unnecessarily well made.

1. Powerful
Created to meet the need of the majority applications, the 15.6 Amplitud built-in Quadcore J1900, protected capacitive( P-CAP) touch, furthermore 4GB RAM and 64GB SSD as the base model.

2. Multiple Applications
15.6 inch Amplitud support VESA75 mount at the rear housing.
The standard model is come with desktop stand (called A2).
However, you can remove the A2 stand and work for wall-mount application, or have your choice on the A8V2 stand for the "touch-and-print" application.

3. Light Break-down Packaging
The ultimately product cost is one of the key criteria for the customers' purchase decision.
15.6 inch Amplitud with A2 desktop stand is packed by the "Semi-breakdown" packaging which helps a lot to save the transportation way by Air or by SEA.

The Amplitud System radically extends its capabilities and more user-friendly product design to meet your applications.

Ordering information :

    AP8100-T25B: 15.6 inch Amplitud system, 1366 x 768, P-CAP touch,
     J1900/4GB   RAM/64GB        SSD, w/A2 stand
    Optional peripherals : Triple MSR reader, iButton, RFID reader,
     VFD display, 2nd TFT display.

luxe looks on Birch all-in-one touch and Box systems

How are you? My friend.

Birch is a 26 years old Taiwan-based company specialized in the All-in-one touch systems and related barcode products. For the further information, please visit our webside at

I like to share you with our all-in-one touch system information. You are kindly invited to join us. With our expertise, any private label or OEM project is welcome, besides our standard models. I expect to have a fruitful cooperation with you in the near future.

Step up a gear!  

Birch is taking on the big boys with a full and unrivalled All-in-one touch systems for your applications. Birch all-in-one touch systems feature powerful, innovative designing concepts and users friendly applications, which are your good choices for your business.

1. 9.7" EstiLO Bliss[IT6000J2-10S]---(J1900, PCAP touch, 4GB, 64GB SSD) 

     All aluminum                                                                                                                   
     Adjustable viewing angle 
    Unique flip-top click off design for repairs

    IT6000J2-10S : 9.7" LED(1024x768) zFLAT EstiLO with PCT touch, J1900 (Fanless), 

2.  Extremely Slim[PP6000J2-10S /- PP7000J0-15S/ PP7000J2-15S ]   -----9.7”/15” Talisma and A8V2 

      QuadCore J1900
Wall mount, desktop ( A2 stand), touch-and-print
      ( A8V2 printer stand)
      Fanless , compact and sleek 
PP7000J0-15S : 15" Talisma system, w/5-wire resisitive touch, J1900(Fan-less)

PP7000J2-15S : 15" Talisma system, w/P-CAP touch, J1900(Fan-less)
PP6000J2-10S : 9.7" LED(1024x768) zFlAT PT with PCT touch, J1900(Fan-Less)

3. Bright Ideas-----15” /17” Czar PH model ( J1900, 2 x RAM slot, 2 x LAN)                                                                            
PP8100-H15B  PP8100-H27B                

          -----15” /17” Czar G1 model( J1900, 1 x RAM, 1 x LAN)
 PP8100-H15G PP8100-H27G

Unrivalled convenience on module parts for the upgrade and repairs
Clean surface , screw-less design
Wall mount, desktop( A4 stand) or touch-and-print 
( A8V2 printer stand).
Optional for i3/i5 model

4.Great Escape-----
15.6” Amplitud  AP8100-T25G   ( J1900, P-CAP touch, 4GB/64GB SSD)

QuadCore J1900
Break-down small and light measurement packaging 
to save the transportation charges
Easy assembly by “ hand-operated screw
Wall mount, desktop( A2 stand), or touch-and-print ( A8V2).
AP8100-T25G :15.6 " tFlAT Amplitud system, P-CAP touch, 
w/A2 stand, QuadCore J1900(Fan-less) 
5.Heavy &  robust, but very sleek and more interface
    -----K2 system K2-016B ( N2930 CPU, Fan-less)
N2930 /2GB/32GB mSATA as standard.
Heavy and robust housing
Wall mount kit bundled
 K2-016BMetal brick-and box system, N2930 CPU, Fan-less,
For other related products for your applications, 
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